Chilly afternoon blogging

This afternoon has been very chilly and damp in northeastern Colorado. I was about to allow myself to get down in the dumps. Avoiding “down in the dumps” IMHO, isn’t always manageable, but is worth the effort to try.

I’m sitting in a room with a beautiful view. If I decide I want to be warmer I can turn up the furnace or grab a heavier robe to snuggle in. I don’t have to worry about a hurricane destroying everything I love and I get to spend part of nearly every day doing what I love best. That could be card making or Scrapbooking. How can one be down in the dumps in those circumstances. Of course it can be done, but this time I’m able to rejoice in what I have and be thankful.

I chatted online with a cousin earlier today. I think it is so awesome that we can do that! We shared photos and thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Thank you, cousin, for sharing time with me today!

I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with starting a blog and my own Facebook page. When one doesn’t really know what they’re doing, it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed! I’m still overwhelmed (I think I’ll see how many times I can use that word in a sentence), but I’ve given myself permission not to have the most interesting or most profitable blog on the face of the earth – at least for now. 😃

The bottom line purpose of my blog is to help promote my handmade cards that I sell on Etsy. I will be pleased if that happens. Even if it doesn’t, I have enjoyed most of the time I’ve spent learning (or trying to learn) how to get it started. I am the proud owner of a Facebook page called cards2diefor and this blog If you are reading this, say howdy, unless you are just lost on the net and overwhelmed 😉!

I have written a post that will publish tomorrow morning that is actually craft related. I hope you’ll decide that it might be fun to follow me if for no other reason than to see how long I stay overwhelmed. Cool! I only had to type “ov” before spell check offered overwhelmed! How did it know? 😂

Tell your friends about my blog. They might enjoy watching me struggle with the online world.

Have fun crafting…….
Teena – with 2 e’s

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