An embarrassing moment!


This is the birthday card I made for my DIL.  It’s the story behind this card that is so embarrassing!  Sometimes I have to put extra effort into laughing at myself.

My oldest son’s birthday was in September.  He recently sent me a text with the following photo and asking what year he was born😖



Ok! So I sent my son a 45th birthday card on his 46th birthday! Why? I have absolutely no idea.  I can come up with an entire list of excuses, but not the reason.  Was it because I’m an awful mother? Maybe.  Was it because I don’t remember when my children were born? No.

Unfortunately I wasn’t witty enough to claim the card had spent an entire year lost in the postal system, and that I was so pleased it finally showed up!

I was so aghast that I just fessed up to being an idiot and that I was truly sorry! Im sure that this is the very first time I have disappointed my son.  Not bad for 45 – I mean 46 years!  Ok, that’s a blatent lie!

As I said earlier, this card is for my DIL that will be celebrating a birthday this month.  I have absolutely no idea how old my DIL is, but I know she is not  turning 36.  It will either come across as humorous, as I’m hoping, or it will just bomb.  I’m thinking I could start a trend of just picking a number – any number – for birthday cards!  What do you think?

As fellow crafters, I know you’d believe that I thought the 5 was prettier than the 6, but I don’t think it would fly with my son.  Come to think of it, it might – pretty sure he already thinks I’m an idiot!

Sweetheart, if you should ever read this, I’m still very embarrassed and sorry! I also still cannot explain it.

Until next time,

Teena with 2 e’s


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One thought on “An embarrassing moment!

  1. Haven’t we all done something like that at one time or another? I love both cards and the story. I’m sure your son wasn’t too upset and I bet your DIL loved the one you sent her.

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