About Me

Hi! I’m Teena. Thanks for stopping by.

I’m a middle-aged (if I live to be 120 or so), woman that wears several hats.  My hats include wife, mother, paralegal, step-mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, and friend.

I’m a Colorado native and with the exception of a couple years in Guam as a military wife, I have always lived in Colorado.  There have been many a miserable winter morning that I wonder why, but I really don’t know if I’d move even if I had the chance.

Case in point, the photo I’ve used as my header photo was taken from my back deck. We have views like that often!  Who would want to leave that?

i have two cats. A beautiful, 8 year old, male, black cat named Mojo,  
and a mostly white 1 year old, female cat named Voodoo. I could fill my blog with cat shenanigans, but I will try to mention them less frequently than that.